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Revisting the Children of the Night

WARNING: This piece veers into Gothic lit, Venezuelan politics, a brief exposition of Victorian hangups on sexuality, and ends with the mention of another of the joys of Halloween. These seemingly random shifts occur without warning. Halloween fast approacheth. I … Continue reading

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Always The Hours

My favorite film is The Hours. It didn’t used to be, and it may not always be, but this film currently tops my list. I have the ability to re-watch all my favorite movies an astounding number of times, often … Continue reading

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Beauty of Books

In the movie Legally Blonde (I know it was originally a book, but I only saw the movie, OK?), beauty queen Elle Woods becomes deeply depressed when her jerk of a boyfriend Warner Huntington III dumps her before heading off … Continue reading

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Where the Melancholy Waters Lie

I have to take an English Literature exam tomorrow. I feel my brain crammed with both useful and obsolete information, and can almost hear the random names and dates and works, spanning Beowulf to present day, that are falling out … Continue reading

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The Moral Dilemma of Batman

WARNING: I won’t divulge the book’s plot, but I will mention some characters featured in the story arc. Another wonderful piece which kept me from studying last week: the lovely graphic novel titled Batman: Hush, story by Jeph Loeb and … Continue reading

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Theater of War

As I travailed through my GRE English literature practice test this evening, I came across this question: “So poignant did the original audiences find his itinerant war profiteer that he actually rewrote the play to make her harder, meaner, less … Continue reading

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Why I Love Evolution

Currently, I’m supposed to be studying for my GRE English Subject Test. I’m taking it in 4 days. Naturally, I’ve been viciously procrastinating with something that has very little to do with English lit at all. It’s time for science, … Continue reading

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Brave New World

Testing, testing, one two three… This site began with a simple idea. Everyone procrastinates from work at some point or other. Let’s face it: we NEED to. While some people may be commended for their powers of concentration and ability … Continue reading

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