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Preview: The Iran Series

I’ve been considering writing a piece about my passion for the political travails, artistic movements, and day-to-day repressions that occur in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I realized quickly that even if I brutally summarized the little I know, I … Continue reading

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Reaching Across the Aisle

Recently, I was scheduled for a flight from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale. The flight was delayed for 2 and a half hours, with the result that I was going to arrive at my destination at midnight. I had already spent … Continue reading

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“Unnatural Deeds Do Breed Unnatural Troubles”

In the proper Halloween spirit: When faced with something wonderfully complex and vivid and a bit too great to swallow, humans tend to simplify. I understand the impulse: We can only deal with things we can control, themes and stories … Continue reading

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