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“It’s Just Entertainment”

Four years ago, I didn’t know anything about American politics. And then I watched Saturday Night Live. I was completing a semester abroad in London in the fall of 2008 when I first watched the SNL skits featuring Tina Fey … Continue reading

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Philosophy: More Secondary Source Reading

Perhaps one can’t learn philosophy, but one can “learn to think philosophically”. That was, for me, the most important takeaway quote from Jostein Gaarder’s most excellent novel, Sophie’s World, which I have advertised for countless times on this blog. It’s … Continue reading

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Book Purism vs. Digital Material: A Sentimental or Genuine Battle?

I opened my New York Times newspaper this morning, and was intrigued by this article about how reading books on e-readers may disrupt the reading experience. I’ve heard the argument many times, how offering the internet on the same device … Continue reading

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The Iran Series: A Separation (2011)

I was intrigued by this new release of Iranian cinema early this year, and after its Oscar win for Best Foreign Film, it couldn’t be long before I viewed A Separation (2011). The film kicks off with you in the … Continue reading

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Science Books 101

One of the things I find a little bit disturbing is when fellow scholars of the humanities declare how little they know about math and science with gusto rather than with neutrality or regret. “Oh, I SUCK at math,” seemed … Continue reading

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