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The Historical Flavors of Hysteria in 19th Century Vienna (Abridged)

Psychology has taken great strides in establishing itself as a sturdy science. Firmly based on the scientific method, the study of the mind is no longer antagonistic to empirical data and predictable, observable outcomes. But despite psychology’s attempts to distance … Continue reading

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Three Part Hysterical Vienna Sequence

I’m fascinated by Western civilization at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, both historically and culturally. Particularly in Europe, the dissolution of historical periods such as the Victorian Era, la Belle Epoque, and the corresponding Gilded Age … Continue reading

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Austen Challenge: Accepted

Shocking, I know. Why on Earth would a hardened bibliophile, Anglophile, biblio-Anglophile, take it upon herself to read all 6 of Austen’s major works? I’m pretty much hitting every cliche here. Austen = Good Literature (with a capital L, and … Continue reading

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