Quantum Entanglement, or “Do What You Don’t Know”

From cenblog.org

Science is hard, but rewarding. From cenblog.org

If you do not work or study in a scientific field, chances are you may want (need, really) to brush up on your high school/college science education. I wrote a post a while back (“Science Books 101”) with my suggestions for books that can help the neophyte do just that, with subjects ranging from quantum physics to evolutionary biology to astronomy.

But another way to get bite-sized chunks of information is on YouTube. Here’s a video from the PhD Comics website on Quantum Entanglement. Scientists Jeff Kimble and Chen-Lung Hung explain what it is like to be on the cutting edge of physics research, with the help of useful animation provided by Jorge Cham.

Remember: “If you know what you’re doing, don’t do it!”

Jorge Cham

Animated by Jorge Cham

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