Boston Theater: Fresh Ink Theatre’s 123

posterGreetings, Boston theatergoers. Today I got to see the matinee production of Fresh Ink Theatre’s play 123, directed by Shana Gozansky, and I highly recommend you go see the show at the Factory Theatre before it closes on May 3rd. It stars a great group of local actors: Louise Hamill, Sarah Gazdowicz, Lydia Barnett-Mulligan, and Joan Mejía.

Here’s the show description culled from the company’s website:

“When their radical parents are imprisoned, sisters 1, 2 and 3 are sent to live with different foster families. 1 loses herself in history, 2 dances, and 3 videos all of it and more. Family tensions mount when Mom gets out of jail. 123 is a dark, funny drama about a rift between sisters and what it takes to grow up.”

It’s a very funny and thought-provoking show staged in the intimate space of the Factory. There’s a lot of talent in this show, so take an insider tip, and be that hipster that can brag about witnessing it, and go see it!

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