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Women’s History Month: Reading and Viewing

I felt overwhelmed when I thought about what I could write for Women’s History Month. Do I write about how the month became commemorated? About the women that made it (and the other, more shaded side of history) happen? About … Continue reading

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“She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”: Film Review

Let’s start with this Möbius-strip-of-a-title. I used to have a guy friend who, when he wanted to piss me off, would say things like, “Aww…It cute when It try to think!” or “It cute when It angry!” The point is … Continue reading

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Tuesday Poetry: Sara Rivera’s “baltic sea”

Dialogist is a quarterly journal of poetry and art, a self-proclaimed “online platform for diversity through discourse.” They recently published a lovely poem, “baltic sea,” by Sara Rivera. As published by the site, Rivera is: An interdisciplinary artist and writer … Continue reading

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Reading Suggestions for March/April 2015

I’ve posted a list of reading I’m doing this month. Included are some fantastic writers offering chilling whodunits, contemporary literary lights strutting their stuff, and modernists constantly upending our expectations. Enjoy.  

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Tuesday Poetry: Adrienne Rich, “Burning Oneself Out”

“Burning Oneself Out” We can look into the stove tonight as into a mirror, yes, the serrated log, the yellow-blue gaseous core the crimson-flittered grey ash, yes. I know inside my eyelids and underneath my skin Time takes hold of … Continue reading

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The Huntington’s “Second Girl”

It may be belated, but here are my thoughts on the Huntington Theater Company’s production of The Second Girl, by Ronan Noone. I enjoyed watching the show, but couldn’t quite put my finger on why I wasn’t dazzled by it. … Continue reading

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Tuesday Poetry: Susan Griffin’s “Three Poems for a Woman”

I’m a woman, and I’m pissed off. It’s a useful feeling: when you are agitated enough, you want to take action and make things different. That was the feeling I had when I walked out of the excellent, baller fantastic … Continue reading

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“She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”: Documentary on Feminism

[A/N 4/17/15: For my full review of the film, click here.] In 2013, an assistant professor at the history department of Boston College thought there was a problem with many students’ attitudes on feminism. The few undergraduates who espoused feminist views … Continue reading

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