National Poetry Month 2015: Day 4, reciting Gemineye


I was thinking about my constant exhortation that people recite poetry aloud. It is such a different experience to read than to listen to poetry, and an even greater one to read the words aloud oneself, mouthing them and feeling them take different shape on the tongue.

To drive my point home, I decided to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. I’ve posted Gemineye’s poem “Poetic Bloodline” a few times on this site (click on the video below to see him perform it on Def Poetry). But now I’m also including an unpolished video of me aping the great poet himself.

Of course, I’m imitating Gemineye when I recite these words (his rhythms, inflections, and even his accent a bit), and that is not at all necessary. But I invite you to go ahead and try reciting some poetry this week (though you need not post on YouTube, as I have foolishly done):


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