National Poetry Month 2015: Day 11, Reddit Poet Laureate


I got this wicked suggestion from a friend for today’s post. She emailed me the following:

“Ok, this is a weird…uber-modern submission to poetry month! I submit the non-official Reddit Poet Laureate! The writer responds to random reddit threads with a poem, adding or summarizing something in the conversation.”

My first reddit venture turns out to be for poetry…who knew? Check out the link below:
She waited, frustrated, and screamed in despair:
‘Why can’t it be different? Why can’t it be fair?
I feel like it’s over; it’s passed in a blur –
We’ve changed and we’re changing, I miss who we were.
‘You should have been better,’ she bitterly cried:
‘And we could have fixed it, if only we tried –
I’m sorry I hurt you. I wasn’t prepared.’
I stared at her, hollow –
And wished that I cared.

‘I have to sort my books!’ she cried,
With self-indulgent glee;
With senseless, narcissistic pride:
‘I’m just so OCD!’
‘How random, guys!’ I smiled and said,
Then left without a peep –
And washed my hands until they bled,
And cried myself to sleep.


When nothing seemed to cross my mind –
When silence passed the space behind –
When conversations echoed dry,
I didn’t stop to ponder why.
When days were lost attempts to hide
The pointless hollow deep inside
Where nothing found its feet and grew –
I woke one day, and simply knew.
I’d stepped my steps while others walked.
I’d sounded sounds when others talked.
I’d saved a smile to use at call.
I didn’t feel a thing at all.

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