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Manning Marable’s Biography of Malcolm X

My new audiobook this month is Manning Marable’s extensively researched biography of Malcolm X. I heard about the book when it was published five years ago, and I had also heard that Manning tragically passed away around the same time … Continue reading

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“Best of Enemies” Playing at Coolidge Corner Theatre

The Coolidge Corner Theatre is playing Best of Enemies, a documentary about the 1968 debates between William F. Buckley, Jr and Gore Vidal, and the influence these debates had in shaping modern punditry as mass entertainment spoon-fed to the masses … Continue reading

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Women’s History Month: Reading and Viewing

I felt overwhelmed when I thought about what I could write for Women’s History Month. Do I write about how the month became commemorated? About the women that made it (and the other, more shaded side of history) happen? About … Continue reading

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“She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”: Documentary on Feminism

[A/N 4/17/15: For my full review of the film, click here.] In 2013, an assistant professor at the history department of Boston College thought there was a problem with many students’ attitudes on feminism. The few undergraduates who espoused feminist views … Continue reading

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Boston NOW: August 2014

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this Boston summer’s mild weather continues, and that temperatures don’t significantly rise. Either way, this is no time to stay at home with a fan and the tube: there’s too much to do. Boston … Continue reading

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Poem a Day 2014: Kings and Queens in Verse (#6)

To strike a playful note for today, the poem I chose comes from a lovely children’s book titled Kings and Queens, by Eleanor and Herbert Farjeon, illustrated by Rosalind Thornycroft. This book was first published in 1932, and my new … Continue reading

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The Historical Flavors of Hysteria in 19th Century Vienna (Abridged)

Psychology has taken great strides in establishing itself as a sturdy science. Firmly based on the scientific method, the study of the mind is no longer antagonistic to empirical data and predictable, observable outcomes. But despite psychology’s attempts to distance … Continue reading

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Three Part Hysterical Vienna Sequence

I’m fascinated by Western civilization at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, both historically and culturally. Particularly in Europe, the dissolution of historical periods such as the Victorian Era, la Belle Epoque, and the corresponding Gilded Age … Continue reading

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The Sexiness Surrounding French Existentialism

Who says all rigorous intellectual forays must have serious beginnings? One day, while bored at work, I stumbled upon this amusing web-comic from Dead Philosophers in Heaven. I then spied the link at the bottom of the post, which led … Continue reading

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An Open Mind

This piece is one month well over-do: I sat nervously at my computer at work. My eyes tore back and forth, feverishly reading the article. Nevermind that it wasn’t work related. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I read the … Continue reading

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