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Updates Coming Soon

Hello everyone! This blog was on hiatus for the past three years. Updates are coming (relatively) soon. Thank you very much for visiting!

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Amazon Opens A (Real) Bookstore In Seattle

Read all about it on NPR.

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Seidel’s Views on Recommending Books

Matt Seidel of The Millions experiences very humorous neuroses about recommending books to others (explored in the piece “Let Me Think About It: On Recommending Books”). While the question doesn’t make my palms sweat half as much, I agree that … Continue reading

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A Poem a Day: WCW

Today’s selection is from the cool cat William Carlos Williams. “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” According to Brueghel                                                                                                                    when Icarus fell                                                                                                                                      it was spring a farmer was ploughing                                                                                                                          his field                                                                                                                                                  the whole pageantry of the year was                                                                                                                               awake tingling … Continue reading

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Art Tidbits

Hello friends! I’ve decided to include some observations of artwork among my procrastination-motivated explorations of culture. For the sake of organization, however, I’ve decided to include them on a different blog, The (un)Educated Art Historian. Click on the link to … Continue reading

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Brave New World

Testing, testing, one two three… This site began with a simple idea. Everyone procrastinates from work at some point or other. Let’s face it: we NEED to. While some people may be commended for their powers of concentration and ability … Continue reading

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